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Who is Nutty?

Nutty Milk Factory

At NUTTY MILK FACTORY, we envision changing our world through nutritious and delicious plant-based beverages a bottle at a time. We believe in offering pure goodness in every plant-based product we serve. By keeping our milk affordable, we want more people to experience the benefits of fresh vegan milk and nutritious plant products because doing our part for the environment is not a luxury, we see it as our duty.

Every one of us can reduce our footprint with our food choices and purchasing behaviors. By choosing nutty milk, you are not only consuming what is naturally the healthier choice for your body, but also a hormone-free, cruelty-free, dairy-free product that is packed with calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients.


NUTTY MILK FACTORY is currently working on increasing our plant-based food options to include freshly made vegan butter and spreads, frappe and small-sized selections, and desserts. 

NUTTY MILK FACTORY uses no preservatives and no coloring. Support local, support fresh, support better health, and support zero waste.

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NUTTY MILK FACTORY uses a sustainable bottle recycling model. 

Our nutty milk is delivered in glass bottles which are exchanged with each delivery. Old bottles are washed, cleaned, and sanitized using water, high heat and steam, ready for the next delivery. Even though this requires some effort, we hope to address the long-term crucial issue of environmentally persistent plastic and packaging waste accumulation, which ends up in landfills (sometimes people's backyards in 3rd world countries) and oceans.  

Plant-based food options also uses significantly less of our earth's resources and time to grow and harvest, emitting much less carbon compared to animal agriculture.

Let's play our part in reducing our footprint on earth!

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

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