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Our Story


NUTTY MILK FACTORY was founded on a profound and deep dedication and passion for keeping our earth sustainable. A bottle at a time.

When NUTTY MILK FACTORY founder, Wendi Chan, started her plant-based journey in 2019,  she experimented and embraced the many benefits of plant proteins in nuts, seeds, and legumes. Her realization of these nutritional and health benefits, without the need for animals or animal agriculture, insinuated more her passion for food and desire to improve the environment and innovate something great out of it. 

Adopting the use-and-dispose habits in many things that we buy, use, or consume daily becomes more of a responsibility rather than making it as part of our daily routine. We strongly believe that we can try to change our habits through our daily choices.

Get the best fresh artisan peanut butter in Singapore. This is where it all began and join us on this journey to better our food, our earth, and humanity.



Fresh. No Preservatives. No Additives.

NUTTY MILK FACTORY hopes to offer healthier, tummy-friendly food options for all. We work tirelessly to bring freshly made nut and seed milk to your doorstep.

We use a high concentration of nuts and grains in our milk, between 15% to 25%. The ingredients we put into every bottle are carefully selected, tirelessly blended, and crafted without any preservatives, artificial enhancers nor unnecessary additives. We believe in this case, less is more. We include pink Himalayan sea salt, dates, and Madagascan vanilla paste. Get the best fresh artisan peanut butter in Singapore.

Our fresh produce keeps best in temperatures between 2*C - 4*C for up to 5 days. 

Studies have shown that 75% - 95% of Asians are lactose intolerant, meaning, we can't digest the lactose found in dairy products like cow's milk and cheeses, developing symptoms of abdominal pains, bloating and diarrhea. ​

Our plant milk is a great substitute for the many of us brought up with the notion that milk is an essential part of our diets. On comparison, nuts, seeds, and grains are our earth's superfood which packs tons of nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals that are not only easy to digest but full of anti-oxidants. Plant-based milk contains more calcium than dairy milk in general, and depending on which option, is a good source of protein.