Q. How do I order? 

A. Simply visit our site on SHOP NOW and place your order!


Q. Why do I need to pay for the bottle? 

If you are doing your very 1st order of 1L plant-based milk with us, you are required to purchase an empty bottle. Starting from 10 March 21, no refunds will be given to returned bottles. The reason we do this is to keep the cost of our milks affordable since you are not paying for packaging and the bottle with subsequent orders. But kindly note that you will need to return/exchange the bottles with every next order to avoid getting charged for another bottle. 


Please purchase the number of Bottles (1L) according to the number of milks you are ordering for the 1st time. 

Q. Do I have to keep paying for bottles every time I place an order?

A. No. You only have to pay for your 1st order. For subsequent orders, you may just order without bottles. We practice bottle exchange so you do have to return your old bottles to avoid being charged again for bottles.

Q. I did an order for 2 bottles during my 1st order, but I wish to order 3 bottles in the future. Do I need to purchase another empty bottle?

A. Yes. Also remember to return the 2 bottles and collect 3 new bottles in the next order. 

Q. Is there a minimum order and delivery rates?

A. No. We understand you may be ordering only for yourself or a small family. Regardless, the delivery charge is $10islandwide. Unfortunately, over the past months, delivery charges and rates from independent delivery companies have skyrocketed and we are no longer able to offer the previous low rates since our delivery uncle retired. We no longer deliver to areas in Yishun, Sembawang, Woodlands and Jurong. However, if you have at least 3 separate orders in your neighbourhood or are willing to pay an independent delivery company based on their quotes for your area, we will be happy to arrange for the deliveries. Buzz us to discuss! Whatsapp 9853 9596

These are rates from regular delivery providers beyond our control. 

"For motorcycle deliveries, the rate is a base fare of $10 + $0.30/km. For car deliveries, the rate is a base fare of $15 + $0.40/km." - rates from a popular delivery company.

We encourage self pick-up at our selected town locations, this helps us in our quest to reduce carbon footprint.


Q. When can I receive my order?

A. Most orders are delivered within 1 to 7 days after order. Usually in the afternoons since production is done on the day of delivery. We tend to plan our route by locations. If you have special requests, please put a note upon check out.

The current fixed route is as follows:  

Tuesdays: East

Thursday: North 

Friday: Town - West

Exceptions are made depending on order volumes received.

Q. Will I get a notification?

A. Yes. Upon order placement, you will receive an email. We will also Whatsapp you to inform you of the delivery date and time.


Q. Can I do self-pickup?

A. YES! Self-pickup is now available on FRIDAYS after 4pm. Our milks are made-to-order, so please ensure last orders are made the day at least 2 days before the pick-up date. You will receive a whatsapp text from us confirming the pick-up date. Do BYOB - as in bring your own cooler bag or grocery bag to pick up as we do not provide disposable bags.

Q. Where are the pick-up locations?

A. Capitol Piazza #B1-17 (operation hours 11.15am - 9pm). Closed on some PH.

Q. Can I choose the sugar level?

A. Yes. You can choose your preferences for your plant-based milk when ordering. Options include NO SUGAR, LOW SUGAR (20 gms per 1L), and REGULAR SUGAR (30 gms per 1L).

Please note that premium flavoured plant milk like chocolate and matcha flavours have a higher sugar content.

Q. Can I substitute sugar with dates or other natural fruit sugars?

A. Yes. You may add on DATES ($1) to your shopping cart and inform us which item you would like the dates to be added to. DATES give a slight sweetness of about 2% (or 20gm) to your beverage.


Q. What is the shelf life of plant-based milk?

A. We use no preservatives in our fresh vegan milk. Even though we practice strict Food Handling in accordance to SFA requirements and certification, the natural shelf life is optimized if stored in the coolest part of your fridge (kept below 4*C).

All our plant milk is freshly made on the day of order, it is thick and creamy and different from the processed ones you find in the supermarket. Thus, they should be consumed within 5 days to ensure freshness. 

Q. Can I freeze the vegan milk?

A. Yes, as long as they are not frozen, thawed, and frozen again, all plant-based milk can be stored in the freezer to extend shelf life. However, please take note to transfer the milk out of the glass bottles into plastic containers/bottles as glass cracks when frozen.


Q. What goes into our plant milk?


We use a high concentration of nuts and grains in our milk, between 15% to 25% (dry weight). Compare that to store-bought UHT carton ones at only 2% - 3%. The ingredients we put into every bottle are carefully selected, tirelessly blended, and crafted without any preservatives, artificial enhancers nor unnecessary additives. We believe in this case, less is more. They include pink Himalayan sea salt and may include other natural sweeteners or ingredients depending on your selection like dates or Australian honey.  

Q. Why do NMF activate our nuts?

Activating nuts simply means ensuring that the nuts have been soaked and prepped at least 7hrs to 12hrs prior to extraction. Activated nuts reduce phytates and make nuts and legumes more digestible and easily absorbed into our digestive system. 

Q. Is there any preservatives in your milk?

No, we do not use any artificial preservatives or additives in our milk as we notice they do alter/change the taste of the products. However, we do add a dash of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt into our milk.

Q. Is your milk pasteurized?

No. Like fresh-pressed juices and teas in the market, our plant milks are freshly made under strict supervision and control with proper sanitization processes. This ensures that the shelf life of each milk is never compromised (up to 5 days if kept under 4*). 

Meanwhile, we are working to increase the shelf-life of all our products without compromising on the nutritional properties that come with certain packaging and processes. We ask for your patience as we continue to work on a better product for you.

Q. Is it normal to see milk separation and sediments?

Yes. Just like fresh juices, you should expect to see separation and sediments as our nut/seed content is very high. Simply shake well until no sediments are found at the bottom of the bottle and enjoy our creamy products!

Q. Why do you use glass bottles instead of paper cartons?

Our 1st and foremost reason is to play our part in saving the environment. We have made it our mission to reduce waste. Even though cartons are less destructive to our environment, it still takes 5 years for each to breakdown in landfills. In Singapore, most of our waste goes into the incinerator which means that there is significant amounts of CO2 emissions. Secondly, glass bottles are the best way to keep milk fresh-tasting. It helps to maintain the naturally delicious taste of our plant milk which you will be able to tell by comparing carton packaged ones.



Q. What about my 2nd order? Do you refill the bottles I have or send me new ones?

A. We work like the milkman of the past, we drop and pick up bottles with each delivery. You will receive new bottles every time we deliver, while we pick up the used bottles. Simply rinse your bottles and leave them out at the designated collection time. 

Q How can I be sure that your bottles are clean?

A. We take every precaution to ensure all bottles are properly and thoroughly cleansed in high powered washer using high heat and steam. In addition, we run them through food-grade sanitizer for a final boiling water rinse again before bottling.

Q. What extra measures have you added to ensure our safety during this period?

A. On top of the required FSA Food Safety and Handling certification requirements of gloves, masks, and hairnets coupled with diligent hand washing, we have added UV light sanitation to our work kitchen to ensure no bacteria or virus are on the surface of our work area and utensils. 


Q. If I stop ordering, can I return the bottles?

A. If you decide to stop ordering, you may keep our bottles and recycle for home use, or return the bottles back to us so that it can be repurposed. Please send bottles to Pink Parlour at Capitol Piazza, #B1-17 between 11.15am to 9.00pm.

Please note that we no longer offer a refund for bottles purchased after 10 March 2021. We encourage you to repurpose the glass bottles for water of sauces at home. Thank you.

Q. Can I use my own bottles?

A. No, we do not practice this due to the volumes we handle.


Nothing goes to waste! All our nut residues are repurposed to flour and food production. The ones that we are unable to do so goes into composting to regenerate the soil locally. Rest assured, we are guided by our basic beliefs of business with a purpose.

Our first and foremost priority is to introduce new and healthier options that not only use less of our earth's resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and also reduce the usage of one-time consumer packaging. We started this project with consumer adoption and education in mind, thus keeping prices affordable and accessible to consumers.

We are constantly looking to improve our business processes and model and may increase the prices of our products due to the high investment costs, quality ingredients and labour. Until we are able to scale in volumes to significantly bring down the cost of goods sold, we ask for your understanding as we continue to work towards bringing a better product at the right prices over time.


Thank you for choosing better health and better earth!