Coffee Session With Nutty Milk Factory Founder, Wendi Chan

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Being the only one plant-based milk in Singapore that uses eco-friendly packaging

Nutty Milk Factory keeps its promise to deliver sustainable & healthy options to its customers’ doorsteps. 

Now we’re excited to have the opportunity to have a coffee session with our Founder, Wendi Chan, about everything from her journey starting Nutty Milk Factory to her thoughts about sustainability, plant-based food awareness and environmental issues. 

Hi Wendi! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started nutty milk? We would love to know more about your journey.


I must confess, I was such a huge meat eater previously, literally a freezer full of wagyu, lamb rack and meats of all sorts. There was even a time when I was on the keto diet and realized it was not doing my body any good. Like many others, the pivoting point came when my friend shared The Game Changer movie with me. As an active athlete, I was most intrigued about it from a performance standpoint. However, when I started doing more research and read up on the topic, I realized that if our body functions better without animal products in our diet, then why should we kill animals unnecessarily for our eating pleasure? I started incorporating a plant-based diet in 2019 and experimented and embraced the many benefits of plant proteins in nuts, seeds, and legumes. I also found that being on a plant-based diet gave me the stamina I never had in my exercise routines. As my knowledge of plant diet increased, so did my realization of the harm that animal agriculture has towards the environment. All I was thinking about was how do I spread this news to everyone? If people know better, will they make better choices? So I started on this project to offer healthier, tummy-friendly food & beverages while doing good for our environment at the same time. And here I am now!

Lately, Time.out just published an article about the 5 best plant-based milk delivery options in Singapore where Nutty Milk Factory became one of them. What makes Nutty Milk Factory different to other plant-based milks?

Well, we have some reasons why we’re unique. First, we use no preservatives in our fresh vegan milk. I believe that less is more. Meaning, we don’t use artificial and unnecessary ingredients that go into commercial pre-packaged products to alter taste, textures or colors. Nutty Milks are as pure as it gets, taste nature’s goodness on it’s own. My recipes are formulated to give a natural creamy texture that people are generally familiar with. Our nut and grain percentage is between 15% to 25% of milk depending on the blend.

We also practice strict Food Handling in accordance to SFA requirements and certification, the natural shelf life is optimized if stored in the coolest part of your fridge, as long as you keep it below 4*C. 

Secondly, I started out with the sustainable bottle recycling model in mind, that was my priority. I question the need for throwing out boxes and plastics on a daily basis. It’s hard to avoid, we all are guilty of it, but I thought that I could make a difference if I practiced this model. A little troublesome and not very cost effective, but do the math! If just 100 people drink Nutty Milk (2 bottles a week), we would have reduced 10,400 plastic bottles or disposable packaging for 1 year! I believe that we are currently the only olden day milkman in Singapore, because of the logistical complications and costs, but I think it is worth every effort on my part. Third, I started this company not with profit in mind, but adoption and awareness. This grounds me to ensure I keep prices affordable so that more can discover the benefits of plant milk. Though the amount of effort it takes to produce every bottle far exceeds the prices I charge (we are working on investing in more efficient equipments as we speak), I hope that in time, we can be more than just a plant-based milk delivery company, but build awareness around a sustainable community! 

As you’ve realized that Veganism has impressively grown up in recent years. What do you think is the reason behind it? Is it because people start to be more aware about environmental, health reasons (as many people have cancer and other diseases caused by dairy), or a combination?

I think it's a combination. With the research and facts easily available over the internet, people are much more aware of the health benefits of eating more plant-based foods in the long term prevention of many diseases. There are also many studies showing that 75% to 90% of Asians are lactose intolerant, so I am just pleased to be offering a healthier alternative.

Everyone has a different reason or push and pull factor when it comes to veganism and a plant-based diet, but there are many compelling reasons, be it health benefits, saving the earth or even for the desire to reduce cruelty. Keep an open mind. I don't particularly put myself in any category because I have my cheat days too, especially when it's social. However, I do think that every meal that we eat and products that we choose can literally make a small difference especially if it's something we do daily.

What else do you do to reduce your environmental impact, besides using eco-friendly packaging?

I am quite conscious mostly in terms of diet and what I buy. Firstly I avoid processed food. I love those eco friendly shops in Australia that offer bulk buys in your own packaging. We have a few of these shops in Singapore which we can actually go to with our own jars to fill.

Personally, staying away and reducing meat and dairy in our diets already has the biggest impact towards our environment. The amount of land, animal feed and resources used in animal agriculture combined with the carbon emissions from their gases and wastes contributes to more than 50% pollution to our earth.  

Through Nutty Milk, we hope to build a product that is strong enough to replace animal milk consumption. By doing so, we are building a sustainable community through the message we bring on environmental awareness. We hope to encourage more people to actively participate to support a sustainable living lifestyle to their own abilities. 

Finally, What do you ultimately hope to achieve with nutty milk? 

I see Nutty Milk as a product that will transform lives. Each bottle tells a story, it does some good and an animal not harmed. I hope we can keep offering healthier foods and milk not only to our customers in Singapore, but to other regions. We want more people to experience the benefits of fresh vegan milk and nutritious plant products, which is the reason why we keep our milk affordable. Furthermore, I hope our community gets stronger and keeps spreading sustainability awareness . Ultimately other businesses can consider adopting reusable packaging model as we move towards a #supportlocal #supportcommunity #greenearth mindset. 

You mentioned that Nutty Milk Factory is not just a vegan milk delivery, but it’s a sustainable community. How if someone’s interested to join?

If you want to join, please follow our facebook page or our instagram:

We frequently post about topics related to environmental issues and health & nutritional facts that will be very useful for you. We’re open to discussion in the comment section. 

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