Dairy-Free Daily: Top 5 Reasons to go Dairy-Free

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Dairy milk is a type of milk

produced from cattle and/or mammals. We grew up believing that dairy milk was a necessary part of a healthy diet and everyday must. However, several studies have shown that milk and dairy products derived from animals are the top source of saturated fats which are harmful to health and linked several diseases and ailments.

Health-wise, countless people who let go of dairy products witnessed enormous improvements their health. Some said that their minor maladies such as nasal congestion, digestive problems, acne, or chronic ear infections had lessened within a few weeks after moving away from dairy products.

Next are the ethical considerations, Animal Welfare Standards at many dairy farms are appalling. Many cows are imprisoned on factory farms staying in minimal spaces and oftentimes were not able to breathe fresh air.

The life of a dairy cow is far from the notion created publicly – they are not smiling not surrounded by butterflies and not roaming in lush, green fields. The real- life of a dairy cow is grim.

You may find these shocking but it’s the truth.

Consuming less of dairy products can help give you benefits in terms of the following.

1. Weight Loss.

Who wouldn’t love a filling slice of cheese? But the secret is that, cutting dairy will lead to weight loss. Milk, plain yogurt, and other unsweetened dairy products contain lactose, a natural sugar, while other dairy products may contain added sugar.

2. Healthy Digestion.

70% of the world’s population has some degree of lactose intolerance, which is perfectly normal. But for those who don’t have lactose intolerance, it can have a huge impact on irritable bowel syndrome. After cutting dairy, many report stomach bloating and cramps drop significantly. Dairy is very low in fiber so when you consume dairy and less of fiber-full foods, you’ll likely find it hard to digest.

3. Clear Skin.

Acne can have many causes, but a lot of people report that their skin clears up after cutting dairy from their diet. Growth hormones found in dairy milk can possibly contribute to an increased prevalence of acne.

4. Helping the Environment and Saving Animals.

Going for plant-based alternatives can be a big help in the environment. Especially for the animals where we can save gallons of milk that is intended for their offsprings and not for human consumption.

Try Dairy-Free Products such as Nutty Milk Factory.

Nutty Milk Factory is a plant-based food option that uses significantly less of our earth's resources and time to grow and harvest, emitting much less carbon compared to animal agriculture.


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