Dates are superfood!

Did you know that there is a fruit that is called a superfood? Yes, and it is because of the packed nutrients that you can get in it! Aside from that, it is also high in fiber which is good specially in clearing the intestinal tract. Did you guess it right? Correct! It is DATES, or also known as khajoor.

Dates are the fruit of date palm trees, and have been mainly produced by Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia. These plants are grown in many tropical regions around the world. And it can be sold in two types: fresh or dried. This fruit has many applications, and now it's being considered as an alternative sweetener. Aside from such, you can also use this to make your smoothies, treats, desserts and other vegan goodies! What a discovery!

To add to this, regular consumption of dates has the following benefits:

1. Good for the skin it has vitamins C and D which helps in maintaining skin elasticity. And composed of anti-aging properties thus ensuring the right amount of melatonin is in the body.

2. Rich in Ironprevention to anemia.

3. Good for bone health contains various minerals, specifically, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, and magnesium which are all essential in preventing osteoporosis.

4. Blood pressure regulationdue to its low glycemic index, fiber and antioxidants content, dates can help in diabetes management.

5. Brain health improvement it protects the brain from inflammation and oxidative stress.

6. Antioxidantsit has various antioxidants, specifically flavonoids (can reduce inflammation and reduce risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease), carotenoids (helps in promoting heart health) and phenolic acid (can reduce inflammation and help in lowering chance of heart disease).

These are the only few of the many benefits that you can get on dates. And do you know what is more exciting? Dates are one of the major ingredients that you can find on Nutty Milk, one of the leading providers of plant-based products and is also a supporter of earth sustainability.

In addition, you can even purchase a date oat milk blend from us or request it as an add-on for your preferred milk flavor! All of our nut fiber, okra and other ingredients goes into making baked goods and food! Nothing goes to waste! How cool is that! Check out Nutty Milk website at and get healthy while saving the environment!
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