Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Nutty Woman


-a woman who desires change and aims for a Sustainable Healthy Earth.

It was not long ago that, if you wished to lower the effect of your consumer options on the environment, your only choice was to use your own shopping bag. Nowadays, the eco-minded buyer is bewildered by "green" choices. With the rise of reusable pads as well as menstrual cups, your period can now be plastic-free. Cosmetics increasingly can be found in glass as well as aluminum containers. Even legwear brand names are swapping nylon for more environmentally friendly material.

Provided the devastating toll of customer waste on the planet, you may find this visible drive in the direction of sustainability on supermarket racks cheering. However, if you are a man, you might not have actually also noticed it: most environmentally friendly products are marketed to women.

A lot of studies on women as well as the environment have actually revealed that women are significant actors in natural deposit management and also they are significant contributors to environment recovery as well as preservation. In attending to some crucial environmental issues women play a significant function.

Women's straight contact with the environment has created their deep-knowledge regarding the environment. Therefore, women have worked as farmers, water resources supervisors as well as traditional researchers to name a few. Ladies are not only experienced when we talk about the environment, they are also protective and also caring. Women being primarily in charge of residential as well as home management engage more intensively with both the natural and developed atmosphere greater than men. Consequently, they are more probable to experience a degraded house, community, and also city environment and also to take on more of the burden that opts for living in poor real estate as well as areas with insufficient household and health facilities because they invest more time in your home and also its prompt vicinity

NUTTY MILK FACTORY, we envision changing the world through nutritious and delicious almond milk, oat milk, and other plant-based milk drinks. Old bottles are washed, cleaned, and sanitized using water, high heat, and steam, ready for the next delivery. Despite the enormous efforts that we have to put in the process, we hope to address the long-term crucial issue of environmentally persistent plastic and packaging waste accumulation, which ends up in landfills (sometimes people's backyards in 3rd world countries) and oceans.

Plant-based food options also use significantly less of our earth's resources and time to grow and harvest, emitting much less carbon compared to animal agriculture.

We are Nutty Women and we play our part in reducing our footprint on earth! Are you a Nutty Woman


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