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Mother Earth’s Wish: Less Pollution for a Merry Christmas

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

58 days to go before Christmas, have you all done your Wishlist already? With all of the blinking lanterns, making gift list, and everyone singing jingle bells, who would not feel the spirit of Christmas? Have we been naughty over the past years? That's because every Christmas we contributed unnecessary wastes!

This year, let us include Mother Nature on our wishlists and make this not just wishful thinking, but do our environment a favor. Let’s say no to pollution and lessen plastic pollutants to give an extra year for our mother earth to live. Here are a few things we can do to gift our Earth Merry Christmas.

1. PACKAGING: As we wrap the gifts, let’s try using edible, recyclable, re-usable tote bags/materials instead of single-use disposables. If we can't, let's try to avoid plastics or non-essential decorative elements like ribbons and extra bows. Remember: plastic materials once disposed of, aren't easily decomposed. There are also wonderful and creative ways to wrap gifts in brown paper and decorative from nature too, like acorns, leaves, and dried fruits!

Check for more recyclable materials you can use as packaging for your gifts this season.

2. CHRISTMAS OR HOLIDAY CARDS: This season is the best season besides Valentine's day to express our love and gratitude to our loved ones. The very cliché way to do that is through the art of making a card and love letters. Put your pen down and take a moment to think if the cards you are to give away are plastic-free and if not, better to make sure to drop it, stop writing on it. There are a lot of ways we can still give out letters virtually. This way our cards won’t have microplastics in them that can pile up and ruin our oceans instead.

3. CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: What is Christmas without these wonderful ornaments? But hold your horses up! Almost 80% of Christmas decorations are made from plastics and acrylics! Are you recycling or re-purposing them instead of buying new ones every year? What about ding an exchange or swap with friends so that you can get a different Christmas decoration every year without splurging? Perhaps we can try using natural ornaments like shells, fruits, cotton and paper instead?

4. CHRISTMAS COOKIES: What is Christmas without those cookies and baked goodies, well, it ain’t, so make sure to use containers and wrappers that are free of plastics- again and again, no to plastics!

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5. CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Giving gifts is one of the truest indications that the Christmas season has begun, besides the packaging we’ve mentioned earlier another bonus tip: we should think of what is good for our nature in every gift we decide to give, for sure, like you, the person you intended to give that gift to will be a lot happier knowing that he/she has helped the environment. There is nothing like receiving an item that you already possess or something you will not use. Perhaps use a gift registry or buy gift vouchers instead? By doing so, you will know that what you are gifting will be something that the receiver truly likes. If you do happen to receive something you are not the fondest of, you may want to keep them well and consider re-purposing the gift for another person who will enjoy it more.

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This Christmas season, let our motto be: The lesser the plastics, the merrier our Christmas can be, we only have 20 more years to save the earth before it comes to a point where we can no longer do so, let’s make it count and spend Christmas and every season plastic-free.

If you wanted to read more on how to save Earth before we’re too late, click here:

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