Salt and Milk: An unusual combination that works

Salt is one of many nutrients that our body needs – it is mainly composed by Sodium and Chloride that helps us in ensuring that the fluid in our body is being maintained. However, it is also important to monitor our salt intake, anything that’s too much or little is automatically bad for our health.

One example of a well-known type salt is the Himalayan Salt, which has different uses and benefits. Everyone can identify it easily because of its eye-catching color, pink!

Aside from its color, you’ll also love how diverse its applications are! It is very useful that you can either use it as a food seasoning or even as a lamp! Aside from the aforementioned items, it has also the following benefits:

  1. Flush out toxins – balances PH levels in the body, improves energy, flushes out toxins and keeps you hydrated.

  2. Regulates bloods sugar and hormonal balance – ensures proper flow of fluid inside your body

  3. Improves digestion – activates your salivary glands which releases amylase, that helps in digesting carbohydrates

What a precious mineral it is!

Yes, we are all used to using Himalayan Salt in our table food. But, have you ever wondered how amazing it will be if we combine it with plant-based milk? You read that right! Wonder no more as we’re sharing with you a milk magic secret: Nutty Milk’s key ingredient is the Himalayan Salt, making it 3 times healthier and better for your body - a fact that lactose-intolerant people would love to hear. To give you the specifics, these are the benefits that you’ll get from Himalayan salt-infused Nutty Milk products:

  1. Loaded with vitamins and minerals

  2. Control sugar intake

  3. No cholesterol

  4. Reduces inflammation, lessens acne redness

Overall, partnering these two will make your drink rich in nutritious content, and can be consumed by everyone. Try and do the best switch ever when you go for any of our plant-based Nutty Milk instead. Experience all its benefits first hand and see yourself feeling lighter, happier and more glowing. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

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