The Sunday Times: Nutty Milk Factory as one of the 7 things to love about Singapore food

Cheers, we made it on the newspaper! On The Sunday Times last August 9, 2020, writer Tan Hsueh Yun wrote a list of 7 things to love about Singapore food right now. Coming in 5th is entitled Staying Liquid, which included Nutty Milk Factory as one of the top-choices for those who are lactose-intolerant. Keep reading to see an actual photo of the article.

So, here’s some good news to those who are allergic to dairy: yes, my friend, you can finally have milk without experiencing tummy ache or acne! Nutty Milk Factory offers a wide array of milk products that is good for the gut and also for the environment – you’ll see why in a bit. But finally, you can enjoy that milk worry-free. All you have to do is choose between oat, almond, pumpkin seed or cashew milk – whichever your body needs! And like a cherry on top of the cake, these plant-based milk products will be delivered to your doorstep in super sustainable (but cute and instagrammable) packaging.

This 2020, we’re all about hitting two birds with one stone. So thank you, The Sunday Times, for this lovely feature. It definitely helped our brand to create more awareness about healthier plant-based milk alternatives while promoting sustainability.

Easily have your Nutty Milk delivered to your doorstep when you order from the website at , from facebook @nuttymilkfactory and on instagram, @nuttymilkfactory -- because health can't wait! Enjoy your milk!

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